Volkmar Kobelt
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Revision History

v1.5, 13.03.2018
Inter process communication cleaned.
Communication with 64-bit applications added.
Smaller improvements.

v1.4, 08.09.2011
Additional ways of command input to the assistant, especially suited for keyboards without a numeric pad.
Adaptation to the stricter security features of Windows after XP.
Some cleanup in the command input handling.
Slight presentation improvement.

v1.3, 11.09.2007
Quicker execution.
Improved sequence and handling of suggestions.

v1.2, 15.02.2007

The left and the right context of a finding can now be shown. Especially the possible extension of a suggestion can then be recognized faster.

A series of "spaces" and control characters will (as before) be condensed to one space, but be better marked off from its neighbors.

Some suggestions will be shorter again, so that explicit shortening will become lesser necessary. (At frequently used text pieces, there were accidentally repeatedly occured short additions appended.) Suggestions with insignificant differences from others will be avoided; the presentation will be clearer.

An independent criterion for the length of a suggestion did conceptually not fit well in the system; so it has been abandoned. Instead, a context may be shown into which a suggestion can be extended by pressing the right arrow key.

There is also a documentation in German now. A rightclick menu allows switching between the languages, and presentation options.

The program is now better suited for multi user systems.

v1.1, 26.11.2004
Lengths and handling of suggestions improved.
Window remembers its position and shape from last session.
Problems of interaction with other programs circumvented resp. fixed.
(We changed the meaning of the delete key at the numeric pad because of one such problem.)

v1.0, 13.08.2003