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Attention: This free edition (version 1.5) still does not communicate with some applications on more recent Windows editions due to stricter security conditions. I plan to build an improved and better adapted edition running on Windows 10.

VK TypeHelp

This Adaptive Predictive Typing Assistant learns contexts automatically and suggests text continuations.

"VK TypeHelp is magically useful software. It will suite mystical needs for those of us who often works with “typical” texts, the texts where the same phrases and words arise again, and again, and again, so you type them and sigh “what a pity, nobody can automate this!” Now you can be aware: somebody CAN." Read the full review by the editors of 3D2F.COM

Text Suggestions are

This PC program serves writers with repeated keyboard input especially of text, and in recovering lost pieces of text. It is of special value for input of formal language text (e.g. HTML), filling in forms, and in technical and commercial writing. It can serve as an aid for slow typists and for persons with limited typing ability. VK TypeHelp might also be seen as an aid for editing text in a given context.

Think of an assistant of the writer, sitting beside him and observing the sequence of his keystrokes. (Or reading a piece of text from the clipboard.) Then, after getting some experience, the assistant will predict and suggest reasonable continuations of the user's text input according to former occurrences of the context. Whenever the user accepts one of the suggestions, the assistant will input it, in place of the user.

Unlike some other computer programs for text prediction, this assistant does not contain any dictionary or "corpus" with generic natural language content. It adapts from scratch to its user's usage. But, the user can input bunches of characteristic text of her own choice from the clipboard (limited by the assistant's capacity; the oldest and not repeatedly input text passages will be removed). The program is special in so far as it solves the task of proper predictions only. But it can be used with gain additionally to one of the spelling checkers or even to other predictors. The program is universal in so far as it works rather independently of many preconditions.

The user selects, extends, shortens, or accepts a suggestion by simple keystrokes. In contrast to known auto text or text completion tools, this program does neither need explicit decisions and input of text in advance for future utilization by the user, nor does the suggestion explicitly depend on word or phrase or field content boundaries.


The screenshot clip shows TypeHelp's suggestions, in an early stage of learning, together with an editor the user is working with. The assistant will memorize keystrokes independently of the application program being active. (The example assistant did not get much English text to read.)

VK TypeHelp v1.5 runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
Communicates with applications in the same desktop only.
Works at least for Western European Languages, but not for Eastern Asian ones (until now).

The program cooperates with customary text processing programs and text editors, or other computer programs like e.g. a command interpreter. Any hint is much appreciated.

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