Volkmar Kobelt
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Free Download   (406 KB)

of the VK TypeHelp v1.4 trial version. It is fully functional but gives occasionally hints to paying possibilities.

Confirmation of the "Agreement" will be expected during the installation.

Before starting the downloaded installation program, please close an already running TypeHelp (e.g. an older version).

In order to keep the assistant's window as small as possible, we omitted the menu bar. You can get a menu by right-clicking in the window.

Registration with my corresponding reseller service seems not to work any more. (Perhaps because I had almost no sales.) If you liked to receive a personal registration key, you may send an email to, perhaps including somewhat about your experience with the program and proposals for improvements. I will then, for the time being, try to generate a key for you, which will switch off the reminders of paying possibilities. (You will have to add the key file to TypeHelp's program folder.)