Volkmar Kobelt
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License Agreement

This computer program incorporates new technical results.
It is designed to the best of the vendor's knowledge.
The user agrees to bare herself/himself any risk of
malfunction of the program, or of anything caused thereby.

The user agrees
to not reverse engineer the program,
to not tamper the program,
to not spread altered versions of the program,
or of the accompanying documentation,
to not pass on additional copies of the registered
version, respective of the corresponding key,
for use on additional computers.

The registered version is licensed to be run on one
personal workstation or PC, or (as respective copies)
on as many PCs as agreed upon at registering.
(Decisive criterium should be the number of persons for
reasonable simultaneous use of the total installation.)

From time to time, according to heaviness of use, the
user of the trial version will be reminded by the program
of the possibility of registering.